About Us

   Founded in 1956, Wuxi Standard Fasteners Factory Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high-strength fasteners. Our company has been producing fasteners in Metric, British and American system in accordance with such various standards as China’s national standard, industry standard, ASME/ANSI standard and Deutsche Industrial Norm (DIN), etc. We are also designing and producing customized fasteners to satisfy our clients’ individual needs. As far as the materials of our products are concerned, besides high-grade carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, stainless steel, heat-resisting super alloys and high-temperature alloy steel, we also have numerous kinds of materials stipulated in ASTM standard. Our products, with “Xiongshi” as their brand, are widely used in the industries of petrochemicals, electric power, nuclear power, pressure vessel, highway, bridge and machine manufacturing. They have been successfully serving a number of significant engineering projects, such as CPECC, CNOOC and SEI, etc. Thanks to the superior product quality, standardized documentation and warm-hearted service, we have won a great popularity among our clients both at home and abroad while enjoying a high reputation in the fastener’s field.




Wuxi Standard Fasteners Factory Co., Ltd, with professional experience in manufacturing high-strength fasteners for 60 years, possesses a high quality personnel team, firm technology foundation, abundant and advanced manufacturing equipment as well as sophisticated inspecting devices. Laying adequate emphases to the improvement of integrated management level of the company, we hold the belief of “Clients is our focus”, “Satisfying the clients and even succeeding their needs is our essential obligation”, “Innovating continuously” and “Persisting in improvement”. Having passed the certification of ISO 9002:1994 in 1999 and ISO9001:2000 in 2002, we obtained The Manufacture License Special Equipment of People’s Republic of China. Besides, we’ve got the honorary titles of “the China’s Top Ten Fasteners Enterprises”, “the Ten Famous Brands of Screw in China”, “the Most Famous Brand in Jiangsu Market”, “AAA-lever demonstrated unit of Chinese quality, service and credit standing” in 2005.

Our company is a member unit in the supplying network of China Petrochemical Material Equipment Company, National Electric Power Company, and National Chemical Industry Equipment Headquarters. Our products, the draw-in bolts and nuts for generate-electricity-by- fumes machines for China Petrochemical Corporation Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company (i.e. Shanghai Oil Refinery), have reached the advanced international level and filled the blank in domestic market. In recent years, our fasteners are being exported to Middle East and Occident.

We warmly welcome our friends, new or old, domestic or overseas, to contact us or visit our facilities.